• Meet the Team
  1. Ollie – The Gen Z’er
    1. Can someone remind me why this guy’s actually on the team? It seems all he does is scroll through TikTok all day. Sometimes he’ll spout some nonsense that no one else understand like “it’s the sensational graphics for me” or “not Landing Party being the next Amogus!!” but it would be great if he could actually do some marketing and spread the word about how amazing Landing Party is.
    2. Other than being, unfortunately, from Gen Z, Ollie is a TikTok content creator with over 400k followers (sidenote, you should totally go follow @Cropd) and I guess he also is a full-time research student at Oxford University focussing on Law and Social Media? But it doesn’t seem like he really pays too much attention to that. He’s too busy playing Landing Party while doing TikTok dances.
  2. Jing – The Programming Machine
    1. They say Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to take over any job a human could do. But that’s because they haven’t met Jing. Did he program Landing Party to be a flawless game all by himself? Yes. Did he do it in a day? Well, no. But he still did it impressively quickly.
    2. Don’t be fooled by his youthful glow. He’s spent over 7 years programming mobile games and is already a lead engineer in one of the world’s top 5 mobile game development companies. And once you play Landing Party? You’ll understand why.