The story behind Team Swean?


Like all good stories, this one starts during a worldwide plague. Two small cousins (well, one average height and one decently tall – but you can read more about them here) ready to shake the big bad mobile game industry to its core with unique game concepts, innovative mechanics and a love for gaming stronger than intra-human bond. They then realised we had two big problems. (1) They both failed kindergarten art, and (2) can barely operate an electric toothbrush let alone program a mobile game. Fortunately, the solutions were simple. And they came in the form of Jing and Vanessa – if you want to read more about them (and who wouldn’t?) you can read their introductions here! And thus, the dream Team Swean was formed. We’ve been working harmoniously together ever since, just like a married couple. Double couple? Quad-rupple? (Editor’s note: maybe don’t talk about your work colleagues as though you’re in a four-way relationship, especially when two of you are cousins? Could become an HR issue… – Writer’s note: disregarded and dismissed.)


Team Swean are gamers who have stumbled upon the skills needed to make games. That means when you play a Team Swean title, you know you’re playing a game made for gamers, by gamers. In fact, that’s our motto: “For Gamers, By Gamers!” (Editor’s note: this literally isn’t the motto why are you making stuff up? Writer’s note: didn’t I fire you earlier?)


There’s more to Team Swean, we could go on for hours (bro… should we… start a podcast?) but we won’t… for now. If you’re dying to know more, check out our social media, and don’t forget to join our Discord so we can chat directly. (Editor’s note: this is all alright, just please don’t end with a quote.) And as a wise Birdie McPhee once said “Go download Landing Party, or I’ll haunt your dreams and star in your nightmares!” (Editor’s note: I give up.)