Meet the Team Pt.2

3.     Vanessa – Michelangelo in disguise?

a.     Legend has it Picasso took inspiration from Vanessa. They say she was his muse, maven and mentor all-in-one. All good legends are rooted in truth, and with this one it’s not hard to see why. The art in Landing Party is second-to-none. Get ready to fall in love with every unique character you unlock, and each new arena you progress to.

b.     Vanessa was a mobile F2P Art Director for more than 7 years (that’s longer than Ollie the Gen Z’er has been alive, isn’t it?). She’s headed up more creative teams than I can count to (which is saying something because I can count to at least 4) and has no intentions of giving up the self-proclaimed title of “Best Artist To Ever Art” any time soon.

4.     James – The Maker of Worlds

a.     The most asked question is who created the world. The second most asked question is who created Landing Party? (Or at least, it should be). The brains behind the games. This brilliant mind made Landing Party one-of-a-kind. How can one man create something so pure, so smooth, so… Landing Party. Yeah, that’s right, Landing Party is an adjective now – go check the dictionary, it’s Oxford’s 2022 word of the year and it means unobtainable, indescribable, mythical, mediocre.

b.     Numbers cannot hope to define the Maker of Worlds’ achievements. But 6 years of product, data and game economy leadership, + 4 years in mobile F2P economy is a pretty good start. They say he also got 18 hole-in-ones on a golf course. It’s not true, but they still say it.

5.     So that’s the team. That’s the Team Swean. That’s the Dream Team Swean. Make sure to download Landing Party if you don’t want Birdie McPhee to haunt your nightmares. If you want to read all about how Team Swean floated into existence one day, click here. And if you want to know more about Landing Party, click here!